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Nunnatech Private Limited (NTPL) is a government-recognized company by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in India. We are excited to announce that we are now providing mock online test series for competitive exams, as well as study materials for IIT-JEE/NEET and CIVILS. In addition, we offer a wide range of resources, including 200 video courses covering various subjects. Our aim is to provide students with comprehensive and effective learning tools to help them excel in their exams. Furthermore, we have recently expanded our services to include an E-commerce platform where students can easily access and purchase educational materials and resources. NTPL is committed to supporting students in their academic journey and helping them achieve their goals.

Educational web portal : https://nunnatech.co.in/

Skill development Courses: https://ntpl2023.co.in/

Online shopping portal: https://myshopprime.com/NTPL/pp0lzfa

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Features of Test Series

What is Nunnatech Private Limited E Learning Portal?

  • 1) After reading the study material , undertakingnumerous practice tests are Essential.

  • 2) Practice makes the man perfect.

  • 3) Instead of Spending On not useful things on the Internet Student can spend quality time Using study materials and Mock tests

  • 4) India's Best Online Test Series.

  • 5) 1500 competitiveExams are Covered.

Skill Development Video courses

Discover a new skill today.Build your business and your life by watching the online video Courses.Browse a wide variety of courses and gain new skills to get a head start in your Life.

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NTPL will help you to

  1. To achieve Success in the Competitive Exams

  2. To get the Government Jobs

  3. To get the medical seat

  4. To get the IIT- JEE Rank

  5. To get Civil Services Job

  6. To transform the Un employed to employed

  7. To divert the students for education

  8. To Discover a new skill

  9. At Home based Learning by Video Courses

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Engage with our interactive animation videos that make learning fun and engaging.

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Access our well-structured study materials to enhance your understanding and knowledge.

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Video Courses

Learn new skills and improve your employability with our video courses.

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